“At the movies” year one…

At The Movies(invitefinal) web

I found this invite card from the very FIRST “at the movies” series in the archives.   I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered the the following things:

1.  This was one of the first projects that a very YOUNG, very LONG HAIRED, Josiah Katz created for actionchurch.  The back ground was a stock photo piece we purchased…and I remember it had a couple of objectionable images among it’s tiny pictures.  (A couple of bikini clad butts if I remember correctly)  Josiah replaced them with other images and came up with this mirror image design.  I was in awe. Josiah was “Hired”.  :-)

2.  We made the mistake of watching “I am legend” with our then 6 year old daughter.  She was terrified for weeks.  We were terrible parents.  I hope she forgives us some day.

3. A claw foot tub played a big role in one of the terrifying scenes of “I am legend”.  We found a creepy and filthy claw foot tub, “liberated” it from the  basement of Fat Daddys Night club where we met,  and put it on the stage for the sermon.  I remember it being EXTREMELY heavy…and NOT extremely visually helpful as a prop…but I’d still do it again today :-)

Just a couple of memories from “at the movies” year one.

Got any fun memories from actionchurch “at the movies” past…?


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