What to do (next)

baptism trough

It was so exciting to celebrate with actionchurch folks going public with their faith in Jesus Sunday through water baptism.  One thing I know though, is that this week many will wonder…so what do I do next?  How has my life REALLY changed since I publicly declared that I am a follower of Christ?

Here’s a quick reminder for ALL of us…new to the faith…and not so new.  The answer is found in simply following through with what we told everyone when we were Baptized.  At actionchurch, our way of expressing that change is with this simple question:   Have you turned from your old way of sinning and made Jesus the Commander, the CEO, the “Lord” or your Life?   In the fewest amount of words, THAT’s what becoming a follower of Christ is ALL about.   Excepting Jesus’ free gift of salvation, turning from our old sinful way of living, and allowing him to lead us as the new “boss” of our life.

So, if that still sounds confusing, churchy, or “mystical”, here’s a really practical exercise for ALL of us to think about today.  How would you (successfully) navigate having a new boss today at work…a new professor at college…a new leader in your organization?  What would you do?

It’s not that difficult.  We’d simply expect some changes and adjustments, right?   We’d go about our business, but we’d expect that maybe we would get some new directions.  We’d expect that some procedures would be changed.  We’d expect that some things we did in the past will probably not be part of our new work schedule.   If we want to be successful with the new leader we’d simply be flexible, we’d read all the memos …err scriptures…we’d attend the staff meetings, and expect daily tweaks and changes in our routine.  That’s what we’d expect from a new leader at work or school, and that’s what we can ALL expect who follow the great Shepherd and CEO, Jesus!

What do you need to do next?



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