The Whole Story


I enjoyed watching the first week of the Bible miniseries on Sunday night. Growing up as a preachers kid, I’ve seen a life time’s worth of really poorly done “christian” film…and this was NOT one of them.   It was captivating, biblically accurate-ish, beautifully filmed, and everyone looked like they REALLY needed a shower. (Which probably means it was much more historically accurate than the other depictions of Genesis I’ve seen.)

The only things that I missed in the first week were the stories that weren’t told.  (And maybe a few hundred thousand more extra’s at the parting of the red sea would have been nice…Moses nation looked a little small at times.) :-) It’s got to be difficult to try to fit the narrative of the entire Bible into 10 hours minus commercials.  I struggle most weeks to fit a single story into a 35 minute monologue.  I missed the story of Joseph on Sunday night, but you could easily film 10 hours of captivating miniseries just on his life alone.  (Spin-off anyone?)

The depths and details of the stories of the Bible are amazing.  Not just the “good” details.   Not just the heroic elements. Not even just the details that make it easy to trust and honor God.   The Bible relates stories of real people…with real faults…real flaws…real doubts, and really amazing impact on history.  Even the ones we haven’t heard much about…like Gideon, Samson, Barak, and Jepthah contain amazing examples of Faith, amazing victories, along with really terrible flaws and failures.  I’m so grateful that God wanted ALL of them to be available to us in the Bible.  I’m looking forward to watching more of them Sunday night on History, and I Can’t wait to share more about another, shall we say “colorful” character, from the Bible Sunday morning in the “x-Faith” (by Faith) series at actionchurch!

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