You can do it, we can help.


Note: I originally posted this July 17th, 2007, when actionchurch had not yet held a single weekend service.   Six years later, I am so thankful that “that place” exists.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.  -Don


I’m inspired by Home Depot commercials. Really. Not the ones with Tony Stewart doing donuts in the infield (OK, maybe a little) but I am inspired by the ones telling the stories of ordinary people who repaired their homes with the help of Home Depot materials and “know how”. My favorite is the one where the single mom recounts how many “trips” to Home Depot it took for her to patch and paint her damaged drywall. I love the look of accomplishment and pride on her face… I love their slogan: You can do it, We can help. I think “church” could learn a lot from Home Depot!

For years the Church has said just the opposite. They have said in words and actions: ” We can do it, you should help! ” We (the church) can reach the community if you will give enough money to support our programs and build our buildings. We can change this county if only you would volunteer more, teach more classes, attend more classes…help us. We can “reach” your friends, families, and neighbors if you will bring them to our “salvation professionals”. We can change “you” if only you would spend more time listening to our preaching and studying our information . Results show they were wrong.

What if Church operated more like Home Depot? What if it taught things you could actually take home and use to “repair” your world? (Last time I checked, the Home Depot didn’t offer classes on the history of drywall…they do have a class on how to actually repair it though.) What if you could be certain that the money you gave would result in more “materials and hardware” being released into the community-instead of just building a bigger organization? What if the church’s biggest “advertisement” was stories of people  who had “repaired” their world? That’s just the kind of place I dreamed of from the very beginning for actionchurch.  That dream inspired me to write these words:

What if there was a place…

…where you could be yourself and still fit in?..

…that cared more about doing good in the community, than looking good to the community?

…that would never lecture you, bore you, or waste your time?.

..where your skills and experiences could actually make a difference in York county, no matter who you are?

…where each week you could hear one practical idea of how to live a more satisfying, meaningful life-instead of being overloaded with pointless information?

What if that place turned out to be a church?

You can do it, We can help

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