Fighting Normal


This coming Sunday will be the crescendo of the POWERDOWN sermon series, and the beginning of the POWERDOWN initiative for actionchurch.  If you’re wondering what the “big deal” is…why this isn’t just ANOTHER monthly sermon series…why we believe this will matter over the next five years and beyond…it’s because what we are attempting as a church is NOT normal.

It’s normal for church organizations to become more complex and bureaucratic as they grow.

It’s normal to move from aggressive, to passive and “safe”, as an organization ages.

It’s normal to move from empowering new leaders,  to gathering power and resources for those at the “top” of an organization.

It’s also normal for leaders who started out inexperienced and unqualified, to want to make sure that only “qualified and experienced” people do ministry.

It’s also completely normal for a church that started out with the single goal of introducing people to the Good News of Jesus, to over time become completely absorbed in building and maintaining  the “church” instead of continuing to spread that good news.

It’s normal to turn from looking out…to looking in.

The POWERDOWN initiative is an effort to NEVER BE NORMAL.  Ever.

Whether you’ve been with actionchurch since the beginning, or if Sunday is your first day, I  can’t wait to share how YOU can help us fight normal.


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