Traditional Christmas…

It’s clearly been a year of growth and change at actionchurch. (And I’m NOT just talking about the addition of the “touchdown” penguin, and ten-foot-tall-reigndeer to our Sunday morning Christmas staging…although I am VERY proud of them!!!:-)

The last few months have been a whirlwind of serving and giving opportunities, from stocking a honduran orphanage in the “BigASK List” project, to serving our Neighbors in New Jersey during operation SandyThanksgiving.  So many of you have also generously provided for the week to week expenses of actionchurch by giving faithfully each week.

Traditionally… :-), the Christmas season at actionchurch has been an over-the-top-demonstration of generosity for others.  In the past you have provided a home full of furnishings and gifts for a formerly homeless family.   You’ve provided 550+ coats for York City School Kids.  You’ve sponsored kids and bought goats (kids?) for kids…  Every year you have also provided Christmas gifts for the employees of our venues.  The Christmas Season is also the time that we honor our great volunteer crew.  It’s a bit exhausting just trying to remember all the things we generally cram into the month of December.

Sunday I asked you all to bring gift cards in $10 increments to share with the many employees of  Frank Theaters for Christmas.   I announced also that we would be using them to make “gift card wreaths” to help some folks within actionchurch who are struggling this season.   I was certain that this year was the year we should “relax” a bit…slow down…take a breather.  As usual,  I was wrong.   God clearly has more…and expects more from actionchurch.

After the service Sunday, we were approached by the Manager of Frank Theaters about partnering with them in providing nonperishable foods for the York Food Bank. (who are SEVERELY under-stocked for the holidays.)   I told him that I KNOW that actionchurch folks will help STUFF the bins at the Theaters each Sunday through Christmas.  Monday I got a call…actually a series of annoying-buzzing-I-cant-answer-you-now-texts while I was in the dentist chair.   The texts were from an organization that we LOVE to support and partner with in our commununity because of the life changing work that they do!  Of course they also had an immediate opportunity to change a families life with generosity this christmas season.  I can’t wait to tell you how that conversation turned out…:-)

So Sunday,  Bring gift cards,  bring nonperishable food,  bring a friend…or seven…let’s pack the theater to the rafters.   I can’t wait to tell you the story of what happened this week because of what the people of actionchurch do EVERY week…

And Yeah, It’s pretty much a “traditional” christmas this year at actionchurch.


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