actionchurch Crew Member: Laura Shaffer

We thought it would make the rest of the summer interviews more interesting if we interviewed them in the late hours of the night at Relay for Life. Beware, the next couple of interviews may be influenced by sleep deprivation and way too much coffee...

She is easily distracted, doesn’t eat gluten, and always has lots of creative ideas going on in her head. She chose not only to run the track during Relay for Life, but to do so in the rain. I’d like to introduce you to this awesome lady named Laura Shaffer!

What do you do here at actionchurch?

  • I’ve been helping wit the babies the past two months.

How did you first get involved?

  • My friend invited me.

What is your favorite thing about actionchurch?

  • I like that it’s casual.

What do you do outside of actionchurch?

  • I’m an advocate with at-risk teens.

What are your hobbies?

  • I do art: stainglass, mosaics, and jewelry. I like reading and playing with my dog. I also like active stuff like biking and exercise.

Do you have a favorite band that plays at actionchurch?

  • Farewell Flight

What is the most memorable moment you have of Pastor Don?

  • Holding the bag of potatoes during the potato series.

How has actionchurch changed you?

  • It has made me more focused on serving.

Do you have a favorite scripture or some words of wisdom that you would like to share with the people of actionchurch?

  • Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
    So, love the people who treat you right
    and forget about the ones who don’t.
    And believe that everything happens for a reason…
    if you get a chance – take it;
    if it changes your life – let it.
    Nobody said that it would be easy…
    They just promised
    it would be worth it.

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