“Voice from Heaven”

Having a church in a theater is great…most of the time.   Who doesn’t like the smell of popcorn in the morning, the seats are unbelievably comfortable, and having a cup-holder for you coffee is pretty sweet as well!   In all seriousness, I thank God every week for our great venue at Frank Theaters.  The facility is great, and we love partnering with the staff and management as we serve York together.  (And I still can’t believe how generous they were in providing our birthday bash in February!)

However…   When the public announcement went off at the end of the service…as the “voice from heaven” interupted Kenna as she was attempting to update us all on what was happening in our Relay for life efforts…I’m told I looked a little  (OK a LOT) annoyed.

Here’s the good news though…that annoying announcement…the one about a summer $1 movie series for kids…the one that totally interrupted the end of the service and annoyed me…is probably going to turn out to be a GREAT opportunity for actionchurch.

We’ve just been asked (and agreed) to be a sponsor of the series.  Among other things, that will allow us to invite all the families that attend the $1 movies during the 8 week summer season to come back to our church on Sunday via on-screen advertisements.  We’ll also be able to invite and inform folks that there is a church meeting at the Theaters on Sunday via invite cards in the theater lobby.  We will also have a number of free tickets available for the summer movie series to give to our kids attending  actionkidz each week.   All told, the super annoying “voice from heaven” on Sunday, may turn out to be one of our greatest opportunities to invite our community to actionchurch.

Thank you for “bringing what you have” during our Relay for Life efforts.  Without your donations, we would be unable to take advantage of a great opportunity such as this.



One thought on ““Voice from Heaven”

  1. maybe we could figure out a way to have the podcast of a sermon start playing right at the end of the summer movies.