Where Blessings come from.

I snapped this picture with my iPhone this Sunday morning before load-in at the theaters.  I wanted a visual reminder of how blessed we’ve been in the past eighteen months as a church.

I was feeling blessed because I was sure that our newly painted and logo’d truck was carefully loaded with everything we needed for Sundays Services at our amazing venue at  Frank Theaters.  I was also sure that a swarm of extremely skilled and hardworking actionchurch crew would be there soon to make short work of unloading the truck and turning three theaters and a party room into actionchurch in 90 minutes.  We are incredibly blessed.

Just eighteen months ago,  I pulled up to Frank Theaters in a borrowed truck, waiting for a borrowed sound system, praying that the odds and ends we had salvaged from our stay at Club 19  could be used at our new theater venue.  I was carrying a long list of items that we would need (and could not presently afford to purchase), and expecting for that list to grow as we scrambled to set up in our new home.  I was praying enough volunteers would show up…and since this was our first time setting up at the theaters…praying that somehow time would slow down enough that we could get everything set up before our guests showed up.  (and…full disclosure…I was also hoping that when everything was set up…someone would show up…since we had only had one week to spread the word about our new location) :-)

I think it’s so important to be grateful to God for all the blessings we’ve received in the last 4 years as a church, and specifically how we have been blessed since moving to our newest location.  I hope we NEVER become smug, secure, and take God’s blessing for granted.  I also don’t want to ever overlook where blessings “come from”.

Blessings come from people who chose to get up early on Sunday mornings instead of sleeping in.

Blessings come from the people who chose to “be the church” instead of just attending a church.

Blessings come from the people who have chosen to share their money with others.  ( If you are wondering if your donations matter…a VERY SMALL percentage of the blessings of the past eighteen months have come from outside contributions…the vast majority has come from actionchurch folks being generous and faithful each week with their money in very difficult financial times.)

Blessings come from people who chose to give up their sunday service to make sure that our kids hear about Jesus in the most captivating way possible.

Blessings come from people who open up their homes to host an actiongroup, pick up a friend on Sunday morning, or simply invite someone to join them on Sunday.

Blessings come from people who work during the week to repair equipment, restore and maintain the truck, return emails, or create art so that the message on Sunday Morning is clear and captivating.

Blessings come from people who use their contacts, influence, and talents in countless ways to make actionchurch possible each week.

Blessings come from people.

Yes.  Blessings come from people.

And as people…we are blessed that God gives us the ability, resources, and opportunity to be a blessing to others.

Just wanted to remind you this morning that YOU are “where blessings come from”.  Thank you.

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