Sunday @ actionchurch

In this week’s episode of “CONSPIRACY”, our story get’s even more exciting. As the powerful religious elite try to cover up the spreading story of Jesus being alive, they make a high-profile arrest, there is a mysterious jailbreak, and one of their leaders comes up with a plan that will forever change the future of the world. You can read about it in advance in Acts 5:12-42.  You can also be sure that on Sunday conspiracies will be exposed, cows will be blamed, and we will have a way of illustrating this story that will become wedged in your brain for the rest of the week. :-)

This week’s musical guest is “Me equals you”, and our great actionkidz crew have an equally memorable and fun hour planned for your kids.  Bring your friends this week, it will be so much more convenient than spending the rest of next week trying to explain to them what happened Sunday morning…

It all starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come earlier to enjoy  Coffee, Maple Donuts, bagels, and Muffins with the friendly folks of actionchurch.

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