It’s tax season. Not exactly my favorite season. I prefer the Christmas Season. Bow hunting Season. (Even though I don’t care enough about hair bows to hunt them) I even prefer the flu season. Here’s one tiny little insight though, something valuable that I am reminded of every single tax season.

Every year as I finalize my tax information to be filed- I have this once-a-year, upside-down, thought. “I wish I had given more, and made less”. The rest of the year, it “hurts” to give…and I’m ALWAYS striving to bring in more money. During tax preparation, that all changes. The checks to church and charity that were so difficult to write are the most valuable. The income that I “kept”, the stuff that seemed so important and valuable, becomes a liability instead of an asset. Tax season turns everything upside down…

I REALLY hope Heaven is NOTHING like tax season…but I wonder If I’ll feel that exact same way when I get there?

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