actionchurch 4th Birthday Party-FYI

actionchurch is turning four, and tonight we’ll celebrate with a party at Frank Theaters Queensgate…and a screening of Star Wars Episode 1 3D.   Thanks to Frank Theaters for donating their amazing theater for this event, Thanks to ALL of you for making it a great four years, and Thank you for inviting your friends and family to celebrate with us.  Here’s a few things you should know about tonight’s celebration.

1.  We will NOT be entering the theaters tonight through the side entrance.  Come in the front entrance and turn right  (through the arcade) to reach the party room.

2.  Cake, Cake pops, and Cupcakes will be served starting at 6pm.

3.  You WILL NEED your ticket to get into the Star Wars Screening (and to win door prizes including a 16gig iPod nano).   actionchurch has FILLED the largest theater at Franks so no extra seats will be available.  Please do not come or bring someone without a ticket (or confirmation via that a ticket will be waiting for you).  As awkward as that is to say…it will be even more awkward if you or your guest shows up and isn’t able to get into the screening.  If you have already emailed and received  confirmation that there is a ticket(s) waiting for you are on the list…and there is a seat available for you.

4. If you have a ticket that you know will NOT be used tonight, contact us.  (  that will free up a seat for someone who currently will not be able to attend.  If you still need a ticket please contact us and we will let you know if more tickets have become available.

5. Crew members- please wear your crew hoodie so that our many new guests tonight will know who to approach if they have a question about the event tonight, or actionchurch in general.  (This is a request…not an order…and if your hoodie won’t fit over your wookie costume or Princess Leia outfit you can completely ignore it.) :-)

See ya tonight and may the force be with you!


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