Monday morning leftovers

Yesterday we talked about trusting God and planting for the future…even it feels like you are starting with nothing. Above is a picture of our first Sunday (2/10/08) at Fat Daddys nightclub…complete with a fully stocked bar, plastic deck chairs,  and a Buddha statue in the audience. :-)  Below is  a pic of our (in)famous children’s area (complete with a two bars, a cigarette machine, and go-go dancing cages.)

Here’s what it looks like to fill Easter Eggs with cash, and “plant” the last of the church’s money the lives of people with needs in the community a few months later on Easter Sunday.

The “rules” from that First Easter Sunday giveaway.

If you missed it, you can hear the rest of the story on the podcast here.

When you trust God, you NEVER actually start with nothing.
When you trust God, resources stretch…and miracles happen.

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