Sunday @ actionchurch

This Sunday we will be tackling one of the most difficult questions we all have about living a life of sowing (good things!), and reaping the blessing that come from those choices.  As we discussed in last weeks episode, it’s easy to do the wrong thing…but there never seems to be “extra” money, time, or resourses  to invest in good things for our future.  (If you missed either of the first two weeks of the series, you can catch up on the podcasts here:  )

So how do you get job experience without first getting a job?  How can you “sow” money, time, and resources for the future when you are starting with nothing?   Don’t miss the answer on Sunday morning, along with more hot potato :-) talk and video, and some great new music from Ben Rothermel.   Your kids will also NOT want to miss the new expanded actionkidz!

It all starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come early to enjoy a  Coffee, Maple Donuts, bagels, and Muffins with the friendly folks of actionchurch.

2 thoughts on “Sunday @ actionchurch

  1. Hey Pastor Don and All,

    I miss you all being here in CT. There’s nothing like the church that brought me back to God, in times of struggle all your prayers, and brought some joy back into my life. I just want to say Thank You and let you know that I finally found a church to attend here this past fall. Although not quite actionchurch, I knew when a friend told me that Sunday service is helf in a middle school auditorium, I just had that feeling. Like ok, this sounds SOMEWHAT familiar. Upon arrival, I spied a Budget rental Truck outside and inside I was greeted by so many friendly and welcoming people(another familiarity). The lobby had a spread of coffe, donuts, bagels, muffins, water, and tea(lol). I was lead into an auditorium with a giant screen with a count down to service and a band ready to play. Now this was unbelievable. The band rocked it out with awesome worship follwed by a sermon by an awesome regular guy Pastor in jeans and casual dress shirt. I got to meet Pastor Tom after the service and my experience with the new church was love at first sight. I feel filled with joy and the Holy Spirit every Sunday. Each Sunday I see the church grow, like actioncurch. Although it was “love at first sight”, there’s nothing like your first love. If ever I’m back in PA to stay or even just to visist, I will definite be there on Sunday. I just had to share my story with all of you and Thank you for bringing me back to God.

    Cathy Hrusa

    • SO happy to hear that Cathy! Thanks so much for checking in. There are great churches all over York county, Pennsylvania, and it sounds like even in CT. :-) Seriously, I am so glad that you found a great place to plug into there!