Growing faith…

It takes faith to spend a fortune in diesel, equipment, and seed…and bury it in a field.

It takes faith to spend months of labor caring for a crop that could result in nothing.

It takes faith to replant after too little rain, too much rain, or rain at the wrong time, ruined last years crop.

It takes faith to trust your family, future, and livelihood on a process you can’t see…or control.

It takes faith to be a farmer, to plant and harvest…to reap what you sow.

EVERY one of us depend on the faith when we sit down to eat.  Whether our food was grown by a local farmer, or a giant agri-business corporation, ALL of it is a result in a faith in a process and conditions that cannot be controlled.  If no one plants…everyone eventually suffers. God’s plan of sowing and reaping carries on,  no matter how much time and technology change.

Developing faith as a follower of Christ doesn’t come from books, podcasts, sermons, or seminars.

Faith grows when we bury our time and abilities in fields that don’t come with a weekly paycheck.

Faith grows when we plant good actions…and good attitudes…in relationships that have no promise of ever “paying off” in our favor.

Faith grows when the money we “plant” in Church and Charity actually cause us to not be able to purchase things we want right now.

Faith grows when we “replant” goodness, grace,  and mercy…even when conditions don’t seem to be favorable for those actions to ever  pay off.

Faith grows when God’s People believe in the truth of a future harvest enough to take on the risk of planting now. God’s plan of sowing and reaping carries on,  no matter how much time and technology change. If no one plants…if no one’s faith is growing…everyone suffers

And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.  Hebrews 11:6

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