Sunday @ actionchurch (The finale!)

Sunday is the final Sunday service at actionchurch in 2011, (NO service 12/25) and the final week of the Excelsis Deo Series.   It’s the “Grand Finale” of the year…and Sunday will be just that in EVERY way possible.  Please invite someone you know who is not a Church goer to be part of this week.  I believe that ALL of us will look at “Christmas lights” and Jesus as “the Light” in a way that we have never seen them after this week!

There will be great Christmas music from our friends in The Burning State, and actionkidz will be celebrating the birth of Jesus in their end of the year party.

It all starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come early to enjoy a crackling fire in the main auditorium :-), along with Coffee, Maple Donuts, bagels, and Muffins with your actionchurch friends.  I do not want you to miss this week, because I know if you do you will be weeping into your eggnog all Christmas day…no matter how many great presents you get…

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