Santa Cog is coming to town…

I get excited every year when I see the “Santa Cog” reappear from the North Pole where we store it over the Summer.  Seriously, I LOVE the Christmas season at actionchurch like a thirteen year old girl loves Justin Bieber.  During the Christmas season we do three of the things that we do best at actionchurch:  We Laugh, we Celebrate, and we GIVE like crazy!  (Oh yeah, we also decorate everything in sight…but that would be four…and would mess up my whole “three things” rap.)

Remember, this week we will unveil our Christmas Gift Card drop off box.  We are asking for for $100 Kohls gift cards to send each resident of the Lydia Treatment center on a Christmas Shopping spree…along with a pizza night …and a cut, color, and style at The Styling Room…actionchurch style…no strings attached.  We are also asking for $10 gift cards for Sheetz, Rutters, Five Below, and McDonalds to put on the gift tree we are preparing for every one of the Frank Theater employees.  Gift cards to Weiss would also be appreciated, because nearly every week, someone who comes through our doors needs food…and we are able because of your generosity to send them next door to the Weiss Market.

Flat broke this Christmas…and wish you could still give and bless others?  Sunday I’m going to announce a way that you can totally share the Love with a deserving someone for less than $2.  Seriously.  You will not forget the feeling you get from doing this project…and it can be accomplished with the coins in your car’s ashtray.

There’s so much more to come…

I hope you’ll join in our reindeer games in the month of December!

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