Sunday @ actionchurch

This week in the DETERMINED series, we’ll be continuing the story of Ruth, as chapter three takes a twist that even the writers of “How I met your mother” could have never come up with.

Have you ever said this Sentence?  “I’m currently a _________, but I really want to _________.”

I’m in sales, but I want to teach.

I’m currently a teacher, but I really want to be a Chef.

I’m currently a college student, but I really want to be Mime.

This week we will talk about how Ruth broke out of her seasonal, temporary, job…and changed her life, (and the life of her family) forever.  And oh yeah…since this series involves going through the ENTIRE book of Ruth, you will get to see a preacher get through a couple really awkward scenes in chapter 3.  :-)   (Hopefully I won’t  want to become a mime after the sermon.)  It will be interesting…and there is SO much practical stuff we can learn about living life succesfully from this book.
Calling out Closer will be taking the stage, and we have some announcements about ways you can be part of our christmas giving and serving campaign that you will not want to miss!  In actionkidz,  your kids will be starting a brand new series “Why do we call it Christmas” from the crazy creative mind of Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales).  It all starts 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions). Come earlier to enjoy free coffee, free Maple Donuts, Bagels,  and a great chance to hang with actionchurch folks.

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