Bonfire Wrap-up

Note: I am so thankful for Kenna and all the great folks that make actionchurch events happen.  They deal with stuff like Snowstorms in October, power outages, and how to have a bonfire when no parks in York county allow open flame.   Here’s a note from Kenna about last Saturday’s event-  Don

We missed everyone who couldn’t make the First Annual
actionchurch Fall Classic Conflagration – see – I still  can’t say
bonfire!!  From an events planning perspective it was simply awesome!    The
weather was so perfect, the jiffy johns were clean, no children fell in the
creek and thanks to Eric and Ethan – Josiah was not able to burn down the
forest.  By the way – I did go back and check the next morning…..just for my
peace of mind.  But seriously, it was easy to see that God blessed us in a big
way and He was so involved in this event from start to finish.
If you missed the event – you missed out on a lot of
food and fun and great conversation.  It was perfect for meeting new people and
really getting to know them better.  And I guess that is the case with most
events, small groups, gathering and picnics. But what always – ALWAYS – amazes
me as a planner for a/c events is the number of people from actionchurch who are
willing and eager to serve.  I always end up with more servers than guests and
that speaks volumes about our church.
Serving is love pouring from your heart.  Serving is
putting others needs and desires before your own. Serving is using the talents
that God gave you for his glory. At actionchurch, serving takes on a lot of
different forms.  It not only means physically scooping macaroni onto a plate,
but it means, peeling bushels of apples ahead of time.  It means lugging and
loaning your electronic equipment, your roasting pans, your hot dog rolly grill
thingy.  Serving means making certain that the food you offered to bring is
there – even if your wife has a broken arm.   And it doesn’t just involve adults
– our own actionkidz helped in preparing goody bags for other kids.
Serving others means directing traffic, preparing coffee and playing games with
kids.  It means pre-planning kids games weeks ahead and it means sticking around to clean up at the very end.
Serving is the ultimate example of modeling Jesus Christ’s behavior in our
And those examples of loving God, loving people and
taking action are why I continue to do what I do for actionchurch.  It makes me
proud to say that I consider all of you great friends in Jesus. Thanks to all of
you  for making my job the easiest one at a/c!!

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