Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

  • ivjamesm's photo via @instagram //love this countdown snap. #
  • We're having a bonfire! Details here: #

  • So excited for @GarrettSnyder and @garrettsrachel. I love to see great young couples from a/c who love Jesus (and each other) get married! #
  • Can't get my iPhone calendar to work correctly since iOS5. Gonna ask @josiahkatz to take a look tomorrow. #firstworldproblem #oldmanproblem #
  • This week I'm seeing stuff in scripture I've NEVER understood before about gratitude…happiness…and entitlement. Can't wait to share. #
  • God works as much in your preparation as your presentation. -Craig Groeschel. //so true! #
  • Is there a mindset that can steal our happiness/contentment? Leave us empty even when our homes are full of "stuff"? #
  • Love causes us to rejoice when others prosper, even while we struggle. Envy causes us to resent others success, even when we have enough. #
  • There is no better place to be on the planet, than WHEREVER it is that God seems very near… #
  • Suit on. Chucks tied. Time to do some "marryin'".

    Congrats to @GarrettSnyder and @garrettsrachel! #

  • Had a great day of marryin', eating, and sharing my gift of creating awkward social moments… :-) #
  • Just married last night… And here for set-up! :-). Crazy! // @GarrettSnyder #

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