One mouth, two ears.

It’s pretty clear that the new series “First World Problems” has sparked a reaction with a lot of us at actionchurch.  We’ve never had a series draw the kind of immediate response that this one has.  So many of you have said that learning to live a life of happiness and contentment is something that you want and need to learn more about-right now.  I feel the same way personally.

Here’s the thing though, I believe that the response to this series has a lot more to do with listening than speaking.  The way the series came about was a collaboration between Josiah and I.  I felt like we needed to talk about gratitude and contentment…he had the great idea of packaging the idea with the “First World Problems” concept.  I wanted to do the series in November…he suggested beating the “holiday rush” and doing it in October.   I think the reason that the whole series is going to be such a benefit to us all is not because of my speaking ability…but because as a creative team we are listening.

The First World Problems series came out of listening.

To each other.

To what’s happening in culture.

To what we were personally dealing with.


To God who promises  to give us wisdom if we will just ask.  (James 1:5)

Each week I pray that God will guide us…that God will show me and teach me what we need to learn as a church. Each week I pray that he will stop me from saying the words I shouldn’t say…and remind me of the words I must say.  It’s much more about listening than speaking.

Maybe that’s why we have two ears and only one mouth… :-)


One thought on “One mouth, two ears.

  1. You and Josiah make a GREAT team…and I am so grateful for all the work and love that you put into each message each week. Sunday really moved me – it was AWESOME!