Paint under my nails…

Last night the family and I returned from a really wonderful time away for rest and relaxation.  We’re a very driven and scheduled family…but for five fantastic days we actually ignored the clock and the calendar and just enjoyed spending time away together. I am so thankful to the actionchurch crew for making it possible…and worry free…to spend time away. (Now if only some sort of magic painting fairies could help me catch up on the painting jobs that piled up last week…)

Speaking of Paint, I noticed something this morning  as I was drinking my coffee,  I still have paint under my nails!

After five days away from a sprayer and roller…the paint is still there.

After five days of twice daily trips to the pool (I’ve got an eight year-old that really loves to swim)…I still have paint under my nails.

After five days of twice daily showers (the chlorine was really stinkin’ strong)…I still have paint under my nails.

I know some of you are thinking I really should invest in a nail file (or a manicure), but it reminded me that the things that we do…and think…and say…everyday leave an imprint on our lives. It can be good-After five days away from actionchurch I am even more passionate about seeing God use our church to Love God, Love People, and take action in an even bigger way in York County.  It can be bad- Sinful habits leave their marks on our lives long after we stop practicing them.  We can still have “paint under our nails” days, months, or even years after we change our daily routine.

The question I have this morning is:  What is it that “marks” your life?  What is it that you do that “sticks” to you even if you were to stop doing it for days?   Is it positive?   Negative?  Harmful?

What’s the paint under your fingernails?

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