Same old story…

I was thinking this morning as I prepare for this weeks installment of “At the movies” about what a wide range of films we’ve talked about over the four summers we’ve done this Sermon series.

We’ve done really Scary Movies–  I still remember the clips from “I am legend” at Fat Daddys nightclub…along with the claw foot tub we found in the basement on the stage.

We’ve done Sappy romantic Movies–  Josiah usually refuses to watch them…but yup, we’ve done movies like “Marley and Me” and “Dan in Real Life”.

We’ve done Sci-fi and Adventure Movies–  I forced myself to watch all thirty seven hours of “Avatar” and loved every minute of “The Book of Eli”.  (Still one of my favorite movies.)

We’ve done Animated “children’s” Movies–  Last year we talked about “Horton Hears a Who” and I’m preparing now for Sundays episode that features Disney’s “Tangled”.

The amazing thing is than in all the movies, all the genres, all the story lines and plot twists, they all included story-lines that had already happened in history…all been recorded in Scripture.   I am convinced that ALL of the great story lines come from scripture.

So…what can we learn from scripture and a movie about a kidnapped princess with REALLY long hair, a pet chameleon, a mean frying pan swing, and a questionable boyfriend with a criminal past?

Just wait ’til Sunday…

(and by the way guys…even though it’s a “Disney Princess Movie” there are enough chase-scenes, fights, and funny scenes that you’ll probably enjoy it…even if you won’t admit it later)

One thought on “Same old story…

  1. Thought Book of Eli was boring…if you don’t get me into the movie in first 10 minutes I turn you off.