Recap: actionchurch at the park

Here’s a wrap up from Kenna about the picnic and baptism yesterday at John Rudy Park.  Meeting at the park at the end of July is a tradition of actionchurch…and Kenna and Chuck organized the best one ever.  I am so thankful to them, and all the other great volunteers who put this event together.  Our family was also completely surprised and overwhelmed by the generous basket of gifts we were presented with.  We are so thankful, and so genuinely touched as we read the cards and opened the giftcards and gifts of cash the people of actionchurch provided for our vacation.  Thank you all so much!


Action at the Park:

Yesterday the crowd from actionchurch took a welcome break from our normal routine.  We had the opportunity to meet at John Rudy County Park for an awesome day of fun, food and fellowship.  But, later that evening when I was laying with the heating pad on my back and the ice pack on my head J I realized that there
was so very much more that went on that afternoon than a simple picnic.

In my time with , aI’ve come to realize that church isn’t Sunday mornings for one hour.  Church doesn’t mean getting dressed in our Sunday best and putting a couple of dollars in an offering plate.  Church isn’t repeating phrases printed in a
bulletin with a religious picture on the front.  Church is about people.

The “church” of Jesus’ day met together to talk, to eat, to pray, to serve others and to love each other.  And the folks of actionchurch did just that in an incredible way.  I’m certain thatyou took the time to get to know some people better; to relax and talk with
them and learn about their lives.   I’m sure we had the chance to eat some way fabulous broasted chicken, baked beans, green beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, pasta salad, pie, cake, cookies (oh, that was my plate !!) –  I’m sure you had “enough” to eat as well !

But it was really neat to see how we served and loved each other in a big way.   We
called for a set-up crew and a kidz crew to come forward so our “regular” crew
could have a day to relax and enjoy.  Itwas our way of honoring them.  When I
arrived at the park at 10:00 – the van was already unloaded and the crowd was
setting up sound equipment, etc!  That just blew me away.  The kidz crew took
the reins, jumped right in and handled all the games and activities for the
kids.   It was amazing!  (Thanks so much to all of you who pitched in
and made the picnic so wonderful!)  And itwas hard to keep the “regular crew” sitting on the side lines as they were right in the mix, serving alongside the “newbies” working together as a team.

The loving each other part was perhaps the best part of the afternoon.
Isn’t it crazy to be a part of a church where baptism involves a pick-up
truck, a horse trough and a water pump !! But really, how cool to witness six people stand up and profess their faith in Jesus Christ and to love them and welcome them into our community of believers.

300 pieces of chicken, 110 people, 16 dogs, three bounce houses and one picnic table on the roof later – I would have say that all in all this event was a total success. If you missed the fun, it happens every year on the last Sunday in July.  Mark your calendar
for next year.

In the meantime – looking forward to seeing all of you this Sunday at Frank Theater at 10:30 a.m. as we start our “AT THE MOVIES” series.

2 thoughts on “Recap: actionchurch at the park

  1. I loved your recap Kenna, it definatly descibed the Lords presence at the picnic. Thank you so much for all you do. God has given you the gift of planning an preparing and we have been blessed to know and love you!!!

  2. Post Script (for anyone interested)

    Our overabundance of chicken and various chips and desserts was donated to the Lydia Center (a Division of Waterstreet Ministries) right here in Wrightsville, PA. It is a center for women who are recovering addicts. Their Director and staff have prayed for donations for their food pantry and Actionchurch was able to provide quite a blessing for them. They were very grateful and appreciative. Thank you all, again, very much for all you do as a church.