Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

  • Jesus said the work of his followers would be "fishing for people". I think it matters who you fish with: #
  • "Requirement to be a righteous man: fall down seven times, get up eight".

    – @RevRunWisdom (Proverbs 24:16). #

  • I create the light and make the darkness.I send good times and bad times. I, the Lord, am the one who does these things. (Isaiah 45:7 NLT) #
  • Gearing up for actionchurch at the park III (7.31.11). You can get all the details Sunday. #
  • Godly generosity ISN'T giving because U feel guilty about having more than others-but because U trust that God has more than U can give!#fb #
  • Something happening a Frank Theaters Queensgate thats non-Harry-Potter-related? :-) This Sunday at actionchurch: #
  • Using the word "gospel" for everything like the Smurfs use the word "Smurf": can be both smurfing annoying and smurfing confusing. :-) #
  • Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

    I'll miss #fridaynightlights #

  • Can't wait to get the new talkback card into our new guests hands tomorrow at actionchurch. Courtesy @josiahkatz: #
  • Good concepts without good design is never good enough. (something I've learned over the last 3 years of actionchurch) #

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