Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • I am being forced to try the cheesecake to make sure it's good. It is! #cheesecaketestpilot #
  • How we roll… #
  • So someone donated a truck load of trade-show truss today…The possibilities are endless! (think giant metal tinker toy set) Thanks Darin!! #
  • Here's the video "Aluma-Wallet" vs. actionchurch truck we showed yesterday. yep…we ran over it with a truck. :-) #
  • If UR getting married, or would like to STAY married: Go here(or iTunes) & listen to the "Staying in love" series! #FB #
  • Who do we look to as Christians for approval and affirmation? Our Community? Religious people? Or Jesus? It matters… #
  • So last week I ran over an Aluma-Wallet…and my brother published a book. :-) #
  • The Lord is merciful and compassionate,
    slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.
    Psalms 145: 8 #fb #
  • If you want to find out what your talents are…serve someone! (God doesn't gift us to serve ourselves) #
  • Love God, Love people, Take action. = It's not about me. #
  • Hipster Church: We used to teach from the minor prophets before they became so mainstream. #
  • Ran into Nate (bass player for The Mint) at Lowes. So pumped they are playing Sunday at actionchurch! #
  • Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. (Psalm 119:105 NLT). #fb #
  • Sunday at actionchurch we've got The Mint playing an we're starting a brand new series. Invite someone now. #
  • Home made whoopi-pies happening here! #
  • Thank you AT&T iPhone for allowing me to paint, talk on the phone to my wife, AND look at the web listing for the item she wants to buy :-) #
  • So thankful for the great actionchurch crew who are making it happen today so that Michele, Reagan, & I can have a much-needed weekend off! #

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