Survival Tip:

Here’s a survival tip for you if you are ever lost in a forest.  (Bear in mind, I got this from the “Dual-Survival” guys on the Discovery channel…and one of them CHOOSES to never wear shoes…even when there are snakes involved…but I still think this is true.)

If you are ever lost in a forest without a compass, it’s easy to travel in circles for days and never get out from beneath the trees.  The secret is to climb a tree, hill, or rock and get above the trees.  Look for one major object on the horizon (a mountain, city, tower, etc) and walk toward that reference point.  As often as possible, find another high point or tree you can climb and check to see if you are still walking in the right direction.   (If for some reason you get lost in a forest today, and this survival tip saves your life- you are welcome.) :-)

If you’ve ever wondered why at actionchurch we always talk about the Bible, why Jesus is the answer to every question…every week…It’s because of this “survival tip”.  The Bible is our REFERENCE POINT, the one thing that stays the same, that stays true, in the forest that we call life. If we never climb above the trees to look for our reference point, we are lost.   Without our reference point it’s possible to wander around in circles in the trees and never know where we are going.  Without the Bible, it’s impossible to know if we are walking in the right direction!

Take the time to check in with your reference point today.  It’s worth the time…and the climb!

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