Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • You CANNOT be anything you want to be. You CAN be ANYTHING God wants you to be! #fb #
  • Every week I get comment cards that say they heard about actionchurch from a road sign, a friend, or Facebook. This week: "a panda" :-) #
  • Here's what I'm so thankful God is doing at actionchurch: #
  • Me: My back hurts so bad I may need a walker.
    My seven yr old: Like the ones in Empire Strikes Back? Awesome!!!!
    #toomuchstarwars #
  • Is the truth like physical therapy? It hurts. It stretches us. It requires action. It frees us. #
  • Walking at Relay for Life this weekend?Join r online team and help raise money for ACS. Not walking? Sponsor someone. #
  • Not sure why churches often give Mom flowers on Mothers Day…and "yell at" the most committed men who show up on Fathers Day. NOT at a/c!!! #
  • Don't miss this update about Relay for Life (including the comment from Kenna). #
  • God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

    1 Peter 4:10. #fb #

  • Almost all of the procedural "arguments" that come up in doing Church turn out to be "both/and" instead of "either/or". Love is essential! #
  • Podcast is up.The intro that says I like to be called"Reverend Donald Record"is an EXAMPLE of a lie or "distortion". :-) #
  • Diet Mountain Dew with an energy shot. Yes, I'll have another… #
  • Behold, I shall not shower until I shall entereth unto my rest on Saturday afternoon.-KJV ('cause York Relay for Life starts tomorrow!) #
  • Relay for Life TODAY! If you're free and want to help, we'll be loading in 11:30. (York School of Technology Football Field) #Relay #
  • Someone is going to enjoy themselves at the movies if they bid on the actionchurch basket at the Relay auction! #
  • There goes the neighborhood, actionchurch is loading into Relay for life York! #Relay #
  • New "heart, heart, cog" team tent. (the black a/c tent is a free coffee bar) #
  • actionchurch bounce-house-ville at Relay for Life. (btw a/c folks, you can borrow them for parties.) #
  • Bounce house "bouncer" @ivjamesm. (until the "warden" takes over) :-). #
  • The best thing ever for actionchurch events was to "fire" our old events director (me) and "hire" Kenna. Best organized relay ever. #fb #
  • Shaved ice stand has already used ALL of Giant's ice. Heading to the gas station… #
  • Real men wear pink? @ivjamesm #
  • “@actiongroups: Dual motor bounce house by @actionchurch”. //my finest red-neck moment! :-) #
  • 3 am. At walmart because we're running out of coffee. Only at Relay. :-). #fb #
  • Yep, actionchurch crew members can talk on the phone and flip hundreds of pancakes. :-). #
  • Da mobbbbbb!!!!! Over 400 people for breakfast in 30 minutes! #
  • Relay for Life may be what it feels like to work a 36 hour shift on a crab boat on Dangerous Catch:-) Now for some Fathers Day a/c Style!#fb #
  • Thinking of my Dad this morning who raised 7 kids while pastoring a church, farming, and working a job… Not sure how he did it. #
  • My Fathers Day Card… (because I'm 400 yrs old and walk slowly this morning?) :-) #
  • Best Day ever! #

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