Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

  • The only way to ensure a great "shuffle" on your iPod-NEVER put a single bad song in. It will ALWAYS come up- #
  • Here's some stuff we would like to borrow to feed 300+ breakfast at relay for life. Do you have any items? #
  • “@josiahkatz: I spend more time creating grunge elements and placing "character" on @actionchurch work than actual designing.” //love it! #
  • "Blessed are the biscuit-makers" (I'm sure that's in the Bible somewhere :-) We need a biscuit-maker for Relay for life. #
  • I'm never prouder to be part of actionchurch than when there is a need to serve others and ac folks reapond with what they have! Thanks! #fb #
  • A truly happy life involves periods of being "good and miserable"… #
  • Jesus said he "didn't come to be served, but to serve others". Doing church to only serve "followers of Jesus" is an oxymoron. #
  • Just finished the final draft of the first week of the DISTORTION series for Sunday. I'm excited that it's going to help ALL of us… #
  • Here's what's happening Sunday morning 10:30@Frank Theaters. Gonna out the biggest liar ever in Week 1 of "DISTORTION". #
  • Gonna break all sorts of traditions in the service Sunday. (every church that's more than two weeks old is a "traditional" church) :-) #
  • Eternal life begins when you die-to self.

    -Robert Morris #

  • Still prepping for tomorrow. Simple teaching is difficult, making things complicated is easy. :-) #
  • I understand sitting in a chair on rt. 30 watching street rods. I DONT understand why you would need to wave with a ventriloquist dummy. :-) #
  • Ps.40:3 He has given me a new song,a hymn of praise to our God.Many will c what he has done & be amazed & put their trust in the Lord.#fb #

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