This Sunday @ actionchurch

This week in the Adventures of Daniel series, we’re going to take on some of the toughest questions yet.   Why does God seem to judge some people, and let others “get away with it”?   Are the difficult situations I am facing in my life  judgements from God? What about hurricanes, killer storms, and tsunamis?   And, if I ever have to diffuse a bomb (like they do in action/adventure movies) should I cut the red wire or the blue wire?

We’ll cover all those things Sunday morning … throw in some ridiculous action movie explosions… a great band…and provide a place your kids will have fun AND learn valuable life lessons from the Bible!

Service starts at 10:30 at Frank Theaters (Queensgate Stadium 13).  Come early for Coffee, Donuts, Bagels, and a chance to hang with other actionchurch folks.   (Directions)

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