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It’s been a while since I re-capped a Sunday morning at actionchurch.  I stopped doing that because it quite frankly began to feel like  reading the minutes at a board meeting.  I do want to share just a few things I’m really grateful for, as I look back on this Sunday at actionchurch.

I’m not writing this to brag about the “best Sunday we ever had” (I think the preacher talked about arrogance yesterday :-) )  In Fact, yesterday had a lot of difficulties.  Numerous technical issues ALMOST shut us down.  It wasn’t the highest attended week we’ve ever had.  I wasn’t that happy with my sermon.  But I’m grateful to part of a place like actionchurch…very grateful.

So, in no particular order,  I’m grateful for:

God’s provision and blessing. (We were an “almost homeless” church a few months ago…Sunday we met in one of the newest in a nicest facilities in York County!)

A church that laughs at Dumb Will Ferrell Clips

The Bible.  (every week I am equally amazed at how a book written thousands of years ago can be so absolutely in-tune with the struggles we face today!)

People who show how much they Love God and Love people not just by talking about it…but by showing up early on a Cold Sunday morning to carry heavy things :-)   (Also really grateful for people who tear down the actionchurch “circus” each week and load it up in an amazingly short time.)

People who love Kids enough to give up a seat in a cushy leather recliner to run, teach, hug, and wipe sticky hands as they teach our children about living for Jesus!

Artists.  (Every Sunday, ARTISTS make actionchurch the experience that it is by sharing their talents ranging from music…to photography…to typography and design.)

People who tirelessly invite their friends each week.

People who give financially in a very difficult economy so that OTHERS can benefit from their donations.

People who are Real…and open…and don’t try to be “church people” on Sunday morning (Or any other day of the week.)

A church where I can preach a hard core bible based sermon…in a stupid t-shirt…in the middle of some amazing Music…I’m just not sure where else that exists.

Just a few things I’m grateful for this morning.  What are you grateful for?

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