What’s your status?

a new series, starting this Sunday at Frank Theatres in York, PA
How are you? How are you…really? What’s your status, not the one you post on facebook or tweet about, the one that you find difficult to share with anyone.

Sunday we’ll be starting a new Sermon series called “Status” that will deal with just that: the real struggles of life that don’t make it on facebook. Due to our move this week to Frank Theaters (Queensgate stadium 13) I know there are a lot of reasons to be excited about what is happening and show up with our friends. As I finalized the sermon for Sunday just now I couldn’t help but think that even if we were meeting this week in the back of a 1974 El Camino it would be worth coming to church Sunday to hear the Good news the Bible has about our Status…

Remember things start at 10:30! And yeah…it would be cool if you’d share this on facebook:-)

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