Sunday: Fall Back and Move out!

Make plans now to be at actionchurch Sunday Morning.  It’s the “Fall Back” time change weekend, so set your clocks back Saturday night, enjoy an extra hour of sleep, and then come rested and prepared to rock our final week at club 19! 

Sunday I will be telling the story that started over a year ago, of how God has provided for us as a Church!  As the old mealtime prayer goes:  God is great, God is good…and even though good doesnt rhyme very well with food, the first two things are certainly evident in the story I have to tell you all Sunday!   Don’t miss it.  Don’t wait to hear about it on Facebook.  Don’t read wait to read about it on the blog.  Let’s pack the club on Sunday….and Oh yeah…we’d really love it if you helped us pack the moving truck with our gear after the service!  :-) 

The Band “33” will be back as our musical guest, and remember that due to construction at the club our toddler care area will be closed.

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