Angry Birds

I think I’m becoming addicted to the Angry Birds Game..  I originally put it my iPhone for my daughter after Josiah and Rachel introduced her to it on their iPad. Tyler introduced me to the Halloween version Sunday at church.  Now I have two versions to waste my time whenever I have a free moment.   (Thanks so much guys :-) ) 

 I could tell you that I like it because it’s sort of a relaxing physics problem…angles…trajectory…the tensile strength of materials, but mostly I just like to bash the cute little birds into the evil egg-stealing pigs.  For some reason that’s enjoyable to me.

Here’s the thing though, each little “angry bird” has a talent.  I didn’t exactly read a tutorial but it’s pretty obvious after bashing the little guys brains out for a couple of minutes that the blue birds cut through ice like butter. (I’m not sure why butter is always the go-to cutting analogy…but I like butter so let’s go with it.)  Aiming at wood or stone in with the blue birds ends up with no results, and a fatal head injury.  The yellow birds cut through wood like, (a power saw would make more sense) but let’s say butter.  The Black Birds explode and pulverize stone.  I’m not enough of a “gamer” to bore you with the rest of the “angry bird skilz” in the game…but you get the idea.

I like dumb analogies, but even I hesitate to try to make a point about God using a game made up of hurling birds at the homes of green pigs with a sling-shot. However, I can’t stop myself from saying this:  We all have talents.  We all have things God created us to do well.  We all have weaknesses.  We all need direction from someone who can see past our immediate circumstances and into the future.  And…no matter how many times we may hurl ourselves at things we were not talented or equipped to do…without the guidance of God who knows us better than we know ourselves…we wind up with (at best) a sore head and very little impact.

There, I said it.  Life is a lot like Angry Birds. :-)

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