Benefit Saturday at Brooks Huff

I love stories of actionchurch folks “Taking action”!  Here’s one you can be part of.  Bill Snyder heard the story ofEmily Kerstetter, a teenager severely injured on a missions trip to Uganda.  Along with the great people of the Brooks Huff Goodyear he manages, they decided to do something to help Emily.  Bill called on his friends and organized a benefit event for Saturday.  Jerry Duncan and the Doozees will be playing, the Fife family will be making their famous crushed ice, you’ll see some very familiar actionkidz bouncy houses, the weather will be great, and hopefully lots of money will be raised for a very good cause!

This is NOT an actionchurch event…it’s SO MUCH BETTER!  This is an event organized by someone who is a crewmember at actionchurch and didn’t just stand by hoping that the church or someone else would decide to help Emily.  Bill took action…himself.    You can too.

Plan to come by Brooks Huff on Queenstreet Saturday.  Bring the kids. Spend some money.  Make a donation. Get your car washed.  (It needs it after all this rain!)   I’m gonna be there to try to help. Read:  get in the way and possibly break things :-)   Bills runs a tight ship so he’ll probably fire me at some point… 

If you’ve ever wondered what our mission statement “Love God, Love People, Take action” looks like during the week…this is it.

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