Insert your joke here…

I keep thinking as I look at “non-bar” venues for actionchurch that there is a corny joke (and a way to annoy all our iPhone users :-) )  in the process somewhere.


Unlike an iPhone, actionchurch has had two full “bars”, but still has great “services”.


Unlike an iPhone, even when actionchurch is “out of bars” we’ll still have great “services”.

Or:  ???

I know there’s a bad joke in there somewhere…can you help a brotha out?  

PS.  I tried to get a photo of a cell phone with only two bars…but since I have a Verizon Blackberry it was impossible.  :-)

2 thoughts on “Insert your joke here…

  1. Well I see no one has responded all day, so that can only mean one thing…there are no bad jokes that can be used against iPhones.