Your Mission is ________.

There’s something about a headline that reads  “Churchgoers, strippers protest one another in Coshocton County”  that I have to admit catches my attention.   You can check out the heartwarming tale here  (link)  

So how does a church end up having protesting strippers wind up in their front yard on Sunday morning?   How could a church think that shaming visitors to a strip club by photographing them and sharing their names and photos online would somehow equate to “loving your neighbor as yourself?  How did the situation come to such a tragically comical climax this weekend?    I think the answers for all of those questions are found in one simple sentence from the story…one line that jumped off the page when I first read it.

 “He said their presence has united his church members and reinvigorated their mission to shut down the club.”



If you’re church mission is to shut down a strip club…you just may end up with strippers protesting your church.  If your mission is to share the Love of Jesus with EVERYONE…you just might end up with strippers inside HIS church.  Mission matters. 

Love God.  Love People. Take action.

Anything that takes our focus off that is a dangerous distraction.   Anything.


One thought on “Your Mission is ________.

  1. When Jesus was invited to Matthew’s house for a party right after Matthew first met Jesus He went to his house not to protest or shut them down. He went in to share His love. He knew His love is contagious. Thats the kind of thing I want to be a part of.
    Just seems to make more sense than just yelling at people.