"Missing" church…

Our family missed church yesterday.  We’re trying to take some time away to rest, recuperate, and get ready for the next exciting steps at actionchurch. 

We missed a really great message from our friend Nick Francis from Mosaic Lancaster.  When I spoke with Nick about his insight into the story of Jonah two weeks ago, I was excited about how his “take” on the ancient story could affect our lives today.  What we think of as “punishment” or “torture” is often God PROVIDING a way out…a second chance for us.  Great stuff.

We missed hearing some great music from Between Blue. 

Yesterday we missed being with our friends old and new from the crew and crowd at actionchurch.  My daughter missed being part of actionkidz. Even though I really enjoyed “sleeping in” ’til 7:30 on a Sunday morning…I missed even the aching back and the dirty hands that come from Sunday morning set up at Club 19.  (I do understand that set-up went really quickly without my “help” :-) )

You know what?   I’m so glad that I can miss a weekend of actionchurch and it be better than ever.  I’m thankful for our great crew!  You make actionchurch “happen” each week.   Most of all I’m glad that I “MISS” church, when I miss church at actionchurch.  I haven’t always been part of churches that I “missed” when I got a weekend off.  Sometimes I haven’t want to come back…sometimes they haven’t wanted me to come back.  :-)  

Sometimes it’s a very good thing to “miss” church…

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