Sunday Recap: the one about spies

Sunday at actionchurch we talked about a spy story from Numbers 13 & 14.  Moses sent out 12 spies to scout out the land that God had given them.  The problematic thing about God’s “gift” of a country that they could occupy and call their own, was that it was already occupied by walled cities guarded by 9 foot tall giants with weapons.  The 12 spies were faced with a tough decision, should they emphasize the amazing wealth and resources of their “gift” land, or focus on the fact that it would be physically impossible for their people to defeat its defenses?  The majority of the spies (10) gave a pessimistic but essentially realistic spy report that even though the new land was amazing…it posed ridiculous odds for their success.  Two spies reported the opposite.  Joshua and Caleb reported that with God on their side, it was the giants and walled cities that were defense-less.  These two seemingly delusional spies reported that the opportunity was amazing and the ridiculous odds were actually in their favor.

We know from history that “minority” spies were correct in their assessment…and the majority of “realist” spies were wrong.  God’s favor  is  MORE IMPORTANT than our circumstances in even the most impossible situation.

“Take aways” from Sunday:

I LOVE the guys from Calling out Closer.  Even  they are outstanding.  We need to hear these guys more often!

Please pray with us for God’s FAVOR and GUIDANCE as we “spy out” our next venue.  I meant what I said on Sunday.  God is still in the business of gifting us with amazing opportunities in the face of ridiculous odds.  We still serve and worship the SAME God that the Joshua and Caleb did!

This place exemplifies amazing opportunity and impossible odds better than anything I can imagine.  Pray with us for wisdom to know if God is leading us there… 

I appreciate the kind words from Jonathon Herron, a pastor that I have actually learned much from in the past who visited actionchurch on Sunday.  You can check outhis impressions of actionchurch here.

For the Record, I think Josiah is more Andy Ricter than Paul Schaeffer… :-)

Although it’s great when a pastor visits enjoys the experience, its EVEN  MORE IMPORTANT when anyone from our area, who could have NEVER imagined being part of a church, enjoys their first discovery of actionchurch.  Thank you Crew for making Sunday mornings that kind of experience!

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