Stuff I learned at Dairy Queen

 Last night during the power outages our family ended up at a Dairy Queen.   At this particular DQ, the line was to the door, but the power was on, and waiting in line for a blizzard in air conditioning sounded better than waiting in the heat at home for the power to come back on.

I learned a couple of things at DQ last night. 

1.  I love electricity.  Love it.  I would hug a power transformer if I didn’t think I would get electrocuted.

2.  The new Dairy Queen Pecan Pie Blizzard is fantastic.

3.  People were very friendly and actually talked to each other in the midst of a common “crisis”.   On a “normal” hot summer evening, a thirty minute wait for ice cream would bring out anything but “friendliness”.  Last night people were talking, laughing, sharing stories and information about their “power situation”.  I think the power blackout broke the ice (no pun intended) for everyone waiting in line at DQ last night.  “Community” happened because most of us shared a common difficulty. 

Chances are everyone in line shared far more common difficulties and trials than having a power outage. As I waited in line it occurred to me, that most of us in line last night probably had someone in our family who had lost their job.  Most of us undoubtedly knew someone fighting cancer.  Not that we’d admit it, but I’m sure most of us in line last night have some sort of concern about our finances.  Most of us probably had someone in our family struggling with addiction.

I wonder why it’s so hard to talk about those “common” problems?   How can we do a better job as a church “laughing with those who laugh, and crying with those who cry”.

Maybe I should go to the Dairy Queen every evening until I get some answers.

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