Fathers Day @ actionchurch

Sunday is Fathers Day, so we’ve got a man-riffic Sunday morning planned.  We’ll be continuing  the “none of the above” series, by talking about how Jesus described the “greatest man in the world” of his time.  We’ll also spending a little time with the “most interesting man in the world” .  The only thing on his organ donsor card is his beard.  :-) 

Live polling will be back so you’ll also be able to text in your vote for who you think most often portrays Christian men on Television.   (Sort of Like America’s Got talent without Howie…or talent…but with Ned Flanders and Big Foot.)

Jerry and the Doozees will be cranking out the “man rock” on Sunday including a ZZ top tune that I am really looking forward to.  (Where did I put my top hat and cane?)

We’ll be doing a recap and celebration of Relay for Life 2010…and of course your kids will always have a fantastic time at actionkidz…I’m a little exhausted just listing all the stuff coming Sunday morning @ Club 19(directions)…so I guess what I’m trying to say is… Don’t miss Fathers day at actionchurch!

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