"Bouncy things"

This Friday and Saturday we’ll be taking the actionkidz inflatables (I think the technical term for them is “bouncy things” or “jumpy houses”) out to Relay for Life at the York School of Technology.   This will be our third year of providing inflatables for the event, but for the first time we have been able to purchase our own “bouncy things” instead of renting.  

Since we purchased these “inflatable jumpy bouncy things” (I really wish I could think of something better to call them) they are available to YOU during the week.  They’ve already been used at numerous birthday parties and another charity event.  There’s no charge for you to borrow all their “jumpy goodness” for your party.  Just let us know if you would like the monster truck or the sport themed unit and we’ll put you on the schedule.

Is there a catch?  You bet there is.

 1) We like to share all the resources (even the bouncy ones) that we have with our community.  

2) We have a sneaking suspicion that when parents at your 7 yr old’s  birthday party ask you where you “rented the awesome bouncy thing” you probably won’t yell “none of your business…stop interrogating me!” and punch them in the face.  What you’ll probably do instead, is what the Mom that borrowed the monster truck bounce did last Saturday night…you’ll probably tell them that you borrowed them from actionchurch…and that would be just fine with us.

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