Sunday @ actionchurch

This Sunday at actionchurch we’ll be taking on all the tough topics about families.  As we continue “the hood” sermon series we’ll be discussing how to deal with your “in-laws”, blended families, family members from different religions, and how to survive a road trip without narcotics. 

Also, we want to “Shoot your family” for you!  Check out all the great FREE family pics that have already been shot (here) during the month of May.  Make sure and stop by and let Garrett make your family look like Kardashians before or after the service Sunday.  

The pledge will be our musical guest this week.  They’ll be serving up some new songs on Sunday.  …and don’t forget the very best part  of actionchurch-actionkidz!  

If you know anyone who has a family, is part of a family, or has ever wanted to run away from their family…bring them to Club 19 @ 11am Sunday.  Make that  10:45, so they can grab some dunkin donuts coffee and Maple Donuts before finding a table.

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