church in a nutshell

I’m not exactly why you would  put a church in a nutshell…it seems like it would get crowded.   I’m also not sure who first started putting things “in a nutshell” or why they would do it.  Squirrels? Chipmunks? Whatever the origin of the phrase,   I always hear people use “in a nutshell” to talk about the essence of something, so I’m using it . I think the above photo captures the essence of actionchurch.

 New Testaments –  We want people to read and understand the scriptures…so we offer it to them in an attractive package in language that is easily understood.  Free.  No strings attached.

Talk-back cards-  We don’t want to just preach to people.  We want people to “talk back”…share their thoughts…share their lives…communicate.

Invite cards-  We want to make it as simple as possible to for people who call actionchurch home to share it with their friends.  It’s why we offer several different styles of invite cards…and why we try to make every Sunday morning a place that makes you want to bring a friend.  Our mission is to Love God, Love people, and Take action.  We want to invite others to be part of that mission.

Logo stickers- Branding is important.  Everywhere you look there are brands that represent products or services.  We want the actionchurch cog to remind people that there is a place where you are accepted…a place where you are loved…a place where you can “fit in” …even if you do not consider yourself a “church person”.    

Ear plugs-  Things get loud.  But we don’t want to hurt anyone.  We offer something to stick in your ears.  :-)

Donation Box- Even though we offer EVERYTHING for free with no strings attached each Sunday,  it takes money for actionchurch to continue.  We don’t “pass the plate” or beg for donations.  We do put out boxes and ask for folks to people to “vote with their wallet” on whether our church should continue…

There it is…actionchurch in a nutshell.

One thought on “church in a nutshell

  1. Perfect timing! I always tell people to check out the website when I invite them to Actionchurch!