Valentines Day Recap

On Valentines day @ actionchurch we kicked off the “With all my heart” series by talking about how the very first church began (Acts 2)  There are many traditions that take their root in the first church but three in particular are important to actionchurch.

1.  Because we love God and love people, EVERYONE is welcome. (We will not let the church become a “hideout” to wait ’til Jesus comes back)  Acts 2:1-5

2. Because we love God and love people, we will speak the truth about Jesus in our crowd’s language and (cultural) “dialect”.  Acts 2:7-12

3. Because we love God and love people, some people will want to join us…others will mock us and say we’re “drunk”.  Acts 2:13-15

In short, actionchurch wants to carry on the tradition of the first church of “Loving God, Loving People, and turning the world upside down”!  Acts 2:42-47

Rock-n-Roll Czar Jerry celebrated 29 years with Ruth his wife on Sunday!  Congratulations Guys!  Thanks for all you do…and yes we did send them to the most romantic restaurant on earth (according to me)  Cracker Barrel.

I was so proud of the artist of actionchurch on Sunday.  All of the art on the screens was created “in house”.  Photo’s by Garrett.  Modeling by Kylie and Rachel.  And of course some really amazing “love songs” from the DooZees, including two Beatles tunes.   Amazing day.  We are blessed with really talented and creative people!

It was GREAT to be back this sunday…THANKS to all of you who put up with the lack of parking due to the snow….EVEN BIGGER THANKS to all of you who parked in the snow or parked away from the club and walked so that someone “new” could have your parking spot.  That is the essence of “loving God and loving people”.

One more shot.  Yeah that’s me “modeling” my Valentines day gift from Garrett.  He bought “I heart” shirtz for the tech crew…and for some reason he thought that I would most “heart” bbq.  You are correct Sir!

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