Sunday Recap: The one with the snow shovels.

Yesterday instead of meeting inside club 19  to have a “service”…we actually went out into the streets around the club and with snow shovels and “rediscovered” the cars and vans that were buried by the snow plows.

A few thoughts…

  • I’m pretty sure that week was the “best sermon never preached” at actionchurch.  We can talk about loving others and serving them “no strings attached” but unless we do it…it’s pointless talk.
  • For those of you who couldn’t make it thanks for helping your neighbors at home.  We actually were inspired to do this by Bill who NEVER misses being part of the actionchurch crew…accept during the Christmas snow when he stayed home to help his neighbors dig out.  Thats action-church!
  • I am amazed at how many of you chose to come out and join our little reigndeer games…I know most of you had been shoveling on Saturday also.
  • Lots of different reactions to our shoveling teams.  Some gratitude…some indifference…a little bit of “jerkiness”…but my favorite was the guy who joined us in digging out his neighbors after we helped free his cars.  Kindness is contagious.
  • Sorry to the people who showed up at actionchurch ready for a “normal” week.  All I can say is check the website…expect the unexpected every week…and DO NOT MISS our Valentines day edition of church next Sunday!
  • We TRIED to give away the donuts that are ordered each week…tried…turns out people are pretty suspicious of roving bands of shovelers with bags of maple donuts.  :-)  We ended up giving away the balance of the donuts to workers at local shops who had to work in the snow Sunday.
  • I fell on my butt on the ice!  I would say that’s the hazards of being outside the club on sunday morning…but I’ve actually fallen two times on Sunday mornings just climbing the steps to the stage.  I need a rascal scooter!
  • Final thought… Saying that we skipped church to shovel snow on Sunday is like saying the Saints “skipped practice to win the Super Bowl”.   Learning to love and serve our “neighbors as much as ourselves” is WHY WE DO actionchurch!   Seriously!

Love God, Love People, Turn the world upside down!

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