Church "Service" tomorrow 2.7.10 10:30am

Here’s the scoop.  (A little snow shoveling humor for you all.)   The band for tomorrow is buried in snow in MD.  Lots of you all are still trying to dig out yourselves…and we really do not want anyone to miss the kick off of the “With all of my Heart” series.   

So…For Tomorrow.  If you can’t make it safely to actionchurch…don’t attempt it.  Hang out.  Help someone in your neighbor shovel out.   If you want to come out and can-we will NOT be having a “traditional” :-) church service tomorrow.  Instead we will be serving the North York Community around Club 19.  The Lobby at the club will be open and stocked with coffee and donuts.  We will be shoveling driveways and sidewalks for folks in the neighborhood, giving away the donuts…in short we will be having a church “Service”.  We won’t be just going to church…we’ll be “DOING” church for the neighborhood.

So if you want to be part of the actionchurch “SERVICE” , Dress warm, bring snow shovels/snow blowers, and come prepared to put  the “action” in actionchurch!

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