Sunday Recap: the one with the mini-fridge.

This Sunday at actionchurch we talked about the “F-word”-  Failure.  Or, more specifically SIN-the real “S-word”.    It’s difficult to talk about failure and sin in church.  We all do it…we all sin…but somehow talking about how it’s possitively GOING TO HAPPEN seems a little like admitting defeat in advance.  Instead, most of us go into following Jesus in the same way we enter a new-years-resolution diet, we say “failure is not an option”-I’m never going to sin (or eat junk food)  again.  When failure comes…and it will always come…many of us quit and miss out on our reward. 

 The Book of 1st John in the Bible deals with our human condition of sin in such a clear and hopeful way.  Check it out here.  It will only take a few moments of your time…and explains SO much about how we are to live as followers of Jesus.

The great news is that when we fail we can run TO Jesus (who is our defender and advocate before God) instead of quitting and running AWAY from Jesus!

  1My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.  1 John 2:1

My Heart 2 Fear on stage this week.  (love the flip-flops! He’s got an actionchurch sticker on his bass though so he can pull it off.  :-)  )   We appreciate these guys making the drive down from Williamsport to rock us on Sunday morning.

Photoz by Garret Snyder.  See more here

I am most excited about the fact that actionchurch finally has a QUIET baby/toddler area where we can care for the little ones, protect them from loud music, and allow new Moms to have their child cared for during church if they wish.  Thanks so much to Michele for making it happen…Thanks to Steve for allowing us to use the space and helping us get audio and video of the service downstairs…thanks to Rachel for sharing her nursery experience…and Mercedes for all her “some assembly required” help! 

Week three at actionchurch with no video.  I’m looking forward to getting back to using great video clips in the next series…but I’m really glad that we are stretching our creativity and not just relying on media.

But yeah, it’s a lot harder to illustrate a point with a mini-fridge than with a funny scrubs clip.  :-)

Thanks to Josiah for being the Chief Creative Officer of actionchurch.  He is definitely looking out for all environments and making sure that we provide the very best experience on Sunday morning in EVERY way.  And yeah…that includes when I am the problem…and I appreciate that very MUCH!

“Only at actionchurch”  the actionkidz program was ridiculously good this week.  There was and igloo, a snow machine, and LOTS of kids!   I loved hearing a mother say “only at actionchurch”…when she saw her excited child playing in a “winter wonderland” created in a garage stall.  Thanks to Shawn and Susan for the snow… and no it didn’t snow in actionkidz because it was so cold.  :-)

Speaking of cold, I noticed someone wearing a snuggie during the sermon…  Dear Jesus…will this become a trend to punish me for making fun of snuggies?

Thanks to all the great volunteers who make actionchurch happen each week.  Rain, snow, sleet, heat…whatever…you guys show up and create a place for people to be accepted and hear about Jesus every week!  You are “action-heroes”

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