This Sunday @ actionchurch

This Sunday @ actionchurch we’ll have Shades of Summer on stage for the first time with a full band.  Looking forward to these guys…and we could use some Summer right now! 

We’ll also be continueing our  discussion of  endurance in the “No Nukes” series by talking about something that causes SO MANY of us to quit before we accomplish our goals.   One of the great things about the principles that God gives us in scripture is that they are universal…they don’t just work for “spiritual” things.  The principles of patience, endurance, perseverance, etc don’t just guide us in becoming stronger spiritually…they can help us “finish well” in our attempts to become more physically, financially, or relationally “fit”. 

So, show up Sunday…enjoy some “Summer”…marvel at my awesome kitchen skills in the cooking segment…and maybe learn something about yourself that will help you endure to the goal and “finish well”.

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