misfit toys…


I’ll admit it. I’ve watched Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer WAY TOO MANY times in the last two weeks.   I can’t get the lyrics to “We’re a couple of Misfits” out of my head.

Why am I such a misfit?
I am not just a nit wit!
They can’t fire me.
I QUIT!… I just don’t fit in.

Enjoy.  Now you’ve got it stuck in your head.  I hope my “suffering” will be worth it when we talk about our little “church for misfit toys” in the actionchurch Finale Sunday.  I think Josiah and I will have a “take” on Rudolph, and a passage of the Christmas Story, that you have probably NEVER encountered.  We’ve also got the ac all stars doing some Christmas classics, an original, and a Christmas song you hoped would stay in the 80’s.  :-)   Sunday is not to be missed.

2 thoughts on “misfit toys…

  1. Thanks! I had “Santa Clause is coming to town” stuck in my head for the past couple days. I don’t know which is worse… “Santa Clause is coming to town” or “Misfits”.

  2. Uh-oh. I think the band is playing “Santa Clause is coming to town” Sunday :-) Don’t hurt me please.